Hello August!!

The Summer month is really upon us now. It’s also the Leo season, ergo, it’s time to set your crown well, consider the pros and cons of your actions and set goals.

Here at the academy, one of our mantras is that “hard work and passion will turn your dreams into reality”.

Growth doesn’t happen by chance, it is as a result of consistency and preparations. Whether it’s learning a new skill, reading a new book, meeting some new friends, you have to take some actions to grow.

At the Del-York Creative Academy, we prepare our students to take over the global stage and not just to be local champions (which is okay when you’re starting out, but don’t remain one forever). Our goal is to invest in our students both personally and professionally and this is why the academy has continued to lead the curve as the most outstanding media and film academy in Africa.

Meet Sophia Aiida, a graduate of the 2019 edition of the Del-York Creative Academy. She’s not a local champion as she’s taking over the global stage. Just after she posted Del-York Creative Academy school monologue, she got her first major role in a Ghanaian series directed by Shirley Frimpong-Manso, a producer with several awards under her belt who in 2013 was ranked the 48th most influential person in Ghana.

Sounds impossible?? It’s not!

With the kind of training our students receive from industry experts, landing a role, is the least they can do.

Join the Del-York Creative Academy and start being a global champion. We are passionate about your growth and will help you develop those key crafts, skills, and competencies needed on the international stage.

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