Press Release - Del-York Creative Academy



This May 10th- June 10th, 2019,  the Del-York Creative Academy (DCA)’s world-class program relaunches, in the entertainment capital of West Africa- Lagos, Nigeria, with twenty of the most prolific film and media instructors from major Hollywood studios and a premier US film school.  Students will enjoy an extensive menu of Courses including Directing, Screenwriting, Editing, Acting, Sound Design and Scoring, Music Video Production, Broadcast Journalism  Costume & Set Design Make-up & Special Effects, Cinematography & Set Lighting , Coloring and Grading, Producing, The Business of Filmmaking, Introduction to Theater, Production Design, Animation Design and Drone Technology..

Home to over 1, 200 successfully-trained alumni exporting notable contributions in the contemporary film and broadcast industry, the Del-York Creative Academy, (the capacity building arm of Del-York International) has stood the test of time for over a decade as Africa’s premier filmmaking and media training hub.

The Academy kicked off its first edition on a historical note, partnering with the most notable capacity-building institution in the world, based in New York. Five editions later, she stands alone as the Del-York Creative Academy, poised to spur an educational-reform and transform the world of media education by replacing classroom theory with a “Vocational/Hands-on approach to learning”

Also, in a bid to empower the next generation, 500 of Africa’s most talented creative disruptors will be selected from across the continent:  Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, South Africa, Gambia, Rwanda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Chad, Morocco, and other African nations, will be groomed under Project 500. Their vital mission? To “Change the African Narrative and Drive Social Change Across the Continent,” in what has been termed, the most intensive hands-on training program in Africa, crashing a rigorous six-month curriculum into just 4 weeks!

As part of their final projects, selected participants will partner with international media partners to curate original feature films, documentaries, skits, short videos, Television Commercials, and video content to spearhead a social intervention agenda across Africa. The best graduating student, demonstrating global-standard promise, will be awarded a brand-new car! Indeed, Del-York Creative Academy has remained true to its ethos from the very beginning - “Capacity Building” to foster “Nation Building.

Sponsors, partners, alumni, and executives who have worked closely with the Academy extol it highly. The institution's previous achievements and the partnerships forged with Hollywood, are a feat unprecedented anywhere else in Africa, but what makes the Del-York Creative Academy unique according to its founder, Linus Idahosa is the academy’s hands-on approach to learning.

In an interview at the Del-York’s Headquarters, on Tuesday  he said .

“To compete in the real world; the best of our raw talents would need to be pruned in fire; by learning how to commercialize their crafts; our artist would be transformed from show-stoppers to game changers.  Though we appreciate film theory, our Academy is not for theorists, it is for the pragmatic and for those who are ready to turn their creative tools into instruments of real change”

Beyond unconventional teaching methods, the Academy celebrates this generation’s rising stars, reskilling Africa by authoring change agents through the powerful medium of film to drive a new day for a continent coming of age, from its cinematic adolescence.

Do the words “Change and Impossible, ignite your fire? Then it’s time to take a hands-on approach to learning!

So, place the power in your hands and master the cinematic craft. Become one of the 500. Apply today!