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Frequently asked questions

ANS: The tuition fee differs for each program, all programs are within $1500 - $3000. If you could kindly lookup on our website to find the specific price for your chosen program.

ANS: Our institution is the most intensive hands-on training program in Africa, we have crashed a rigorous 6-month curriculum into just 4 weeks (1 month).

ANS: The next training begin in 10th June, 2020.

ANS: Our institution is certified by the National Board for Technical Education, upon completion of your program you’ll be awarded an NBTE-backed certificate.

ANS: Due to the intense nature of our programs, that won’t be possible, although we host joint classes with other programs once in a while to enable students broaden their horizons.

ANS: There isn’t, prices differ according to the courses.

ANS: The next edition will be held in Lagos, Nigeria.

ANS: We have a selection team that interviews potential students based on past projects and other factors.

ANS: None whatsoever.

ANS: We do not provide accommodation, however, we have partnerships with hospitality organizations that we recommend to students.

ANS: Yes, but that’s not your preferred option.

ANS: The minimum age requirement is 18.

ANS: Not formally, but we help our students as much as we can.

ANS: No it does not.