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Success Stories

Attending the Del-York Creative Academy opened my eyes to the immense opportunities within the Nigerian film industry. Also, the network of relationships with professionals and peers formed during the training has been invaluable to my growth in the industry. The Acting for Film course gave me the foundational tools upon which I have built a fulfilling career first as an actor and now as a writer, director and producer.
Del-York Creative Academy training indeed helped to strengthen my directorial skill, more importantly, it helps greatly when I needed to help pass on the knowledge acquired in the programme. Post-Del-York Creative Academy, I have directed feature films Gliteratti and Dropzone, I have produced 26 episodes of Borderline a TV series.
Del-York Creative Academy provided me with the tools and platform that enabled me to get this far in the industry. It has also impacted me as a professional because I always pay close attention to the creative process from scratch to finish. For example, I start with concept drawings or pictures for any project I am involved in. It helps my team and I decide on the overall look and feel for the show or film.
Del-York Creative Academy gave me the final dose of confidence that I needed to start directing features up until then, I had only done shorts, but after Del-York Creative Academy I realised was ready to take up directing. As a storyteller, I found the blueprints to translate my words into better pictures on the screen. I worked with some alumni of Del-York Creative Academy on my two projects and we discovered we could relate and achieve creative goals because of what Del-York Creative Academy had deposited in us.
Before the training, I thought Filmmaking was too far-fetched or cumbersome to be attainable. but Del-York Creative Academy’s intense training took me through every step by step facet of Filmmaking. it gave me a bolder outlook on how to tell my story. Now I am vertebrate writing, casting, directing and producing even editing my stories.
Since it was the first film school I ever attended, it really, really opened my eyes to the possibilities in film, I was able to tell myself what part of the film industry I was going to operate in, and it made it obvious that I really wanted this and there is no way I was stopping. A lot of things got clearer to me and I began to chase, so I would say the academy ignited my passion for this; it pushed me to go further.
Del-York Creative Academy has helped me explore inner talents in the visual broadcast. And also increased my desire and drive to achieve more in the creative industry. I currently host of the breakfast show on smooth 98.1 FM, Lagos. I was awarded most “outstanding radio presenter” of the year 2014 and nominated for “Favourite Radio Personality” by the Beatz Awards 2017.
Del-York Creative Academy has impacted my life in some many ways. but to mention a few, It gave me the confidence to express myself visually, verbally and professionally anywhere in the world, I won the audience choice award at the 2016 Africa International Film Festival. I also got a nomination for achievement in visual effects at the 2017 Africa Movies Academy Awards. Also, I got the best director, best writer and best movie nominations at 2017 best of Nollywood Awards. The Slow country also won the best actor (Sambasa Nzeribe) at the 2017 Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards, AMVCA.
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