Since inception in 2003, LONTOR has been committed to providing high – quality, energy-efficient, convenient lighting and emergency light electrical products for the global consumer. The LONTORPAYS platform is an empowerment program designed to support individuals in starting and running their own businesses.

With an investment as low as N30,000, registered members enjoy quality products at discounted prices and are guaranteed maximum return on investments. The aim of the LONTORPAYS scholarship is to inspire and enhance the capabilities of students across various creative programmes, supporting a platform that nurtures leading minds in Media and Film, and to drive change in the nation. The scholarship is geared towards transforming the Nigerian creative industry.

By providing this scholarship, LONTOR fulfills its mission of empowering and ensuring the quality lives of individuals through quality interventions and programmes.

Guidelines for LontorPays Sponsorship:

All interested participants must follow the following steps:

  1. Register at www.delyorkcreative.academy
  2. Become a LontorPays member:
    1. Get registered by a Del-York representative using the following numbers: +2349099476282, +2348075577312, +2348071503197.
    2. ​​Activate by paying the sum of N30,000 (Thirty thousand naira only).
    3. Download the LontorPays app here on the Google Play store or Apple store.
    4. Refer others by registering new members.
  3. Top 250 candidates with the highest referrals win the sponsorships.

Lontorpays app link in google play store click here.

Terms and conditions apply.
Participants agree to hold Del-York International harmless from any loss, expense, or lack of delivery that such participant may incure as a result of participating in the sponsorship opportunity.