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Acting for
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This course introduces students to the fundamental skills and tools required for developing the acting process.


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Introduction To Acting

Introduction to Acting is a beginner’s course to professional Acting based on curricula structured to give the best online skill acquisition for aspiring individuals or talents.

The course is designed for practical engagements with Hollywood-based professionals as instructors, whose keen interest in imparting African talents inspires forward-thinking, innovative and essential teaching models to give a standard acting background suited for anywhere in the world. The course offers leverage to professional training and Acting opportunities internationally, and global exposure of African talents to the world industry of professional Acting.



About the course

This course introduces students to the fundamental skills and tools required for developing the Acting process. The course will explore the aspiring actor/student’s internal and external resources for building self-awareness, developing imagination and concentration; recognise their emotional truth, learn the actor’s vocabulary, and demonstrate the ability, to be honest, and committed in their Acting. Students will participate in assignments, tasks, practical assessments and also gain introductory knowledge regarding key historical and modern acting styles with specific reference to Hollywood and African films.

Upon completion of the course, the successful participant should be able to:

  • Develop knowledge of internal and external resources available and necessary for the effective creation of a character
  • Learn and apply appropriate terminology and vocabulary of acting for the stage and cinema.
  • Become familiar with the elements of specific historical and contemporary acting styles.
  • Learn and apply specific resources to the development and effective presentation of character.
  • Receive a recognised and certified “Certificate of Participation” from the Del-York Creative Academy.

Frequently asked questions

ANS: We have our available classes posted on our website, Check out our space for announcements regarding when classes will be open.

ANS: The course has been worked to affordable prices. The required course fee is N52,200.

ANS: If for any reason you do not wish to continue with your course after registration, you may choose to sign out, but without any tuition refund.

ANS: We structure our training to feature innovative educational models through an engaging digital learning experience and individualized live instructions from our DCA lecturers, who are seasoned and experienced Hollywood professionals.

ANS: The class is designed to feature live interactive sessions with instructors and prerecorded classes that entail exercises and practical sessions amongst others.

All classes will be essential and students will not be allowed to progress into the next week without completing the mandatory number of hours in each of the four weeks.

ANS: We have no arrangements of the sort available as of this moment.

ANS: Yes. Every session is recorded.

ANS: We record sessions on our secure server for safety reasons only; they are not viewed by anyone including staff.

ANS: Yes. Items or course materials will be made available during the course that could be downloadable.

ANS: The classes are not different, only that students from all over the globe will be participating across the web simultaneously which makes the lecture time slot vary to suit different time zones. The essential learning structure still remains but will adjust time and schedules to suit these factors.

ANS: No app will be required since the course will be hosted on our site. If there is a need for further software tools during the course, it will be made available to students.

ANS: Yes. On successful completion of the course, students will be given a Certificate of Participation recognized and signed by Del-York Creative Academy.